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A Day In The Lie is a short story about a serial killer. The work aims to challenge the relationship between player and protagonist. The experience is only about five to ten minutes long.

Voiced by Brian Samuels
Created by Jordan Browne

You can play my previous interactive story here or check out my game studio

If you would like to play this game on YouTube feel free. In fact, send me the link.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorJordan Browne
TagsAltgame, Crime, Narrative, serial-killer


A Day In The Lie.zip 26 MB


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Once again, as a token of appreciation for your amazing (but sadly forgotten) narrative experience, I've written this article! 


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Was the killer based on the DC Sniper? I also have a feeling that the guy in the beginning who waves at the protagonist, who can be later seen on the office building's roof, is the narrator...

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Something I have to say about this work is that at least in my opinion the narration is somewhat misleading, the natural reaction at the beginning is that what is narrated is of a character that we control, the idea that a normal person can have thoughts that become more disturbing as the plot progresses and that he ended up doing something terrible. The turn of the story is sudden, so sudden that when it is happening there is no time to think until the credits are running, there is an equal violent disconnection of the controlled character and who was really narrating the story and then return with the idea that the narrator was actively watching the protagonist the entire time, which leads to more horrific implications that the victim of the event was premeditated. I made a gameplay that I share with Spanish subtitles that were made by me, so if there is an error in the translation, I would appreciate the comments.

Este Juego me hizo entender que la vida hay que disfrutarla por que nadie sabe lo que podría pasar mañana,Si hoy estamos Felices mañana no sabemos.

I get it. I didn't get it at first but I get it. ;{)

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-Made a Video. (Year Ago)

This game has a very strong narrative & surprise twist which you must experience. All I can say is well done Jordan Browne.

I really enjoyed the games you made. They are some of the best short experiances I have played. Well done!!

Loved the narration! Not something you see often in this kind of game.  Really interesting from start to finish. Brilliant work! What's next for you? 

Great narrative, amazing flow through out the game. The game always keep you wondering what's going on. The game might be short, but is well made in both storytelling and gameplay.  

I enjoy playing these well made games and Jordan. You are among my favorite indie developers. 

Great game total plot twist!  

i liked it!

An intense and interesting take on the murderer concept, I've never considered it as an art, but this gets me thinking (disturbingly enough).

This is a pretty sad game the music / soundtrack is great and the narrator is brilliant fits with the mood really well also love the pixel art style  great game.

I hope I found everything! I loved the narration and how it made me think what I thought was naught.

This game sucks.... 

Is what I would say If I had NO taste or appreciation for dark artistic masterpieces!! Seriously this game is everything you could ask for in a dark, sophisticated piece of gaming art. Well done mate, and like everyone here I'm super keen to see more.... Sooo much more.

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Can you, like, send me more of your works? Like, ALL of them? xD

anyhow, here's my take on the the game. i think i KILLED it, haha

Really Liked the concept , Great voice dub. I would give 10/10, Looking for more in the future! :)

Fantastic job! Incredibly emotionally effective.

Amazing work! Very inspiring. Wish it was avail for MAC!

I didn't see that ending coming at all! That's very rare in games these days, hats off to you!

Man this game was kind of deep, I liked the twist at the end!


Another brilliant work of art! Your games are seriously amazing at pulling the player in one direction then completely shoving them in the other! I'm not just talking about the twist, but the whole thought process explained in the game. The pixelated graphics were great, along with the ambiance and voice acting as usual! The music/ambiance and voice acting volumes were WAY more equalized and easier to differentiate than they were in I Remember The Rain, which is also awesome. This game really makes you realize how everyone thinks differently and what sort of thing can go through peoples' minds. We are so trained by society to believe something as a standard that most of us don't even expect someone to think outside of those borders, but this sheds light on that fact. I have nothing negative to say about this one, thank you!

A very interesting narrative game, with a nice atmosphere created with the music.

The character's voice actor did an amazing job and I loved the pixelated graphics.

This was honestly an incredible and well done story / experience. You've got some good quality content right here. Thanks for this, really.

Really enjoyed this game.  It was beautifully done, and a powerful narrative. Great job!

Disturbingly beautiful, great sound design.


This game is far more powerful than it seems to be. It really explores the mind of a serial killer and couldn't have painted that subject more perfectly. This game is simple but portrays a complicated subject at it's core, and gets the player to think, to question everything the narrator says, to explore the words and discover their meaning. Excellent job! I wish I had more of this, but I am definitely going to reccomend this to my gamer friends :). 

This game was so good! Loved the voice acting and the story did a great job at exploring how a serial killer thinks like! 

This is one deep game! It took a twist at the end *no spoilers* was totally blown away. Amazing job!

woah not expected man woaha

Oh man

Oh damn

New  video on my this awesome new indie game! I cant wait to see more of this!

Hope you all enjoy :)

MbG - Support the game and me if you can!

I really liked the twist and I hope there will be more... monologues from our elusive character. :)

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games. 
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Hi there, I enjoyed the game quite a lot. I've  always been a fan of the pixel art style type of games so I was curious to give it a try. 

It certainly does tell a story about a serial killer, and at some points I even forgot that, that was the games premise as I was so focused on what  was being told not only by the main character on screen but the environment as well. 

If your goal was to challenge the relationship between player and protagonist as you've stated, I think you definitely hit your mark here.

All in all it was an enjoyable game that tells a short but very unique story, I'll be sure to look into your other work as well and I look forward to any future creations you make.


Superb little story game, Great voice acting and music helps the story along with a great ending. This was great. Good job... :)


This is an awesome short story. The pixel art gets everything across that it needs to, the narration is great and the music is fantastic. I'm sure I missd a few points you were trying to touch on but I enjoyed the narrative as well. Interested in seeing your future work!

Well, that was certainly different to what I expected.  I was pleased to play this game and see how it went.  5/5.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it :)